Submitting Your Doctoral Project

For questions concerning content, formatting, research, etc., please see your chair or visit Bring on the Research.

All forms including chair/committee change form, goals and grade form, doctoral project proposal approval form, petition for oral defense and defense approval forms can be found at Bring on the Research Forms.

The instructions listed below only apply to submitting your doctoral project to the Registrar’s office.

To submit your final doctoral project to the registrar’s office, follow the steps outlined below.

Note: Your chair will submit the defense notification to the required parties. You, the student, will receive notification, with an assigned room number, from the faculty assistant once your chair has scheduled the defense. If you have any questions, you must contact your chair.

1.One copy of your doctoral project must be tape bound, with clear front, black back.

2.One copy of your doctoral project must be unbound on 100% cotton paper.

3.Both copies of the project must have both chair and committee member signatures before submitting to Registrar’s office.

a.If you need assistance collecting signatures from your chair and/or committee member, please discuss personally with the Registrar.

4.Submit an electronic PDF copy of the doctoral project using the form below, or via CD/DVD or through email to the Registrar’s office at

5.A defense approval form with both chair and committee signatures and dates with a PASS rating must be submitted with your final project copies.

a.If you receive an initial defense approval form with a PASS with Modifications rating,you need to submit that form to the Registrar’s office as well. However, you must have a PASS rating on a secondary defense approval form when you submit your final project.

6.Do not personally seek the Vice President of Academic Affair’s signature; the Registrar’s office will do this for you.

Your doctoral project must be submitted to the Registrar’s office by the last day of the term, or you will be required to register for an additional doctoral project credit for the upcoming term.

Be sure to submit a petition for conferral during the term you intend on completing degree requirements.

Petition for Conferral Form

Doctoral Project Announcement

Submit an electronic copy of your doctoral project