Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQ's are provided as a convenience to help you transition into Forest.

If you have a different question, please contact us or call us at (417) 893-7950 or (800) 424-7793.

01. What can I do on my own to get ahead of the game?

Be sure that your FAFSA is current with Forest listed as a recipient. Also, complete the required background check so that we get the results before registration begins. Stay current on updates from Forest via Edvance360 and Forest e-mail. Call us with any questions about relocating or the enrollment process!

02. May I transfer coursework?

Yes, Forest does accept transfer credit that meets certain criteria set forth in the catalog. Up to 15 credit hours may be transferred toward a master's degree or up to 36 hours toward the doctorate. Up to 21 credits towards the post-graduate degree certificate, as well as 200 hours of individual client contact towards the certificate requirements for completion.
Candidates begin the process by completing an Application for Transfer Credit and submitting the required documentation. Enrollment Services will send the information for review. A determination is made based on substantial equivalence of course content and philosophical emphasis.

The fee assessed for transferring coursework covers basic administrative expenses in processing requests and may be found in the Tuition and Fee Schedule.

03. How do you accommodate students with disabilities?

Forest will work with students to make their transition as easy as possible. A number of accommodations can be made for students with disabilities. Our Enrollment Counselor will consult with the individual student to make the proper adjustments.

04. How and when do I register for classes?

Registration is taken care of a few weeks before classes start. As an incoming student, classes are automatically chosen to be in line with the curriculum sequence. New students will receive their IEP (individual education plan) and schedule via their Forest e-mail account. If everything looks good, it’s signed and sent back. If changes need to be made, Enrollment Services can help with that.

05. How will I know what courses to take?

Our Enrollment Counselor works to determine the student’s prior educational experiences, career objectives and potential transfer credit to construct an Individual Education Plan (IEP). This, plus our lock-step curriculum sequence, determines what courses a student takes.

The IEP is a long-range guide for students in sequencing academic and practicum experiences, establishing manageable course loads, meeting guidelines for Financial Aid, and preparing for activities such as the doctoral project, internship application process and comprehensive examination sequences.A representative from Student Services begins working with students at the time they are accepted into the program to determine their prior educational and training experiences; career objectives; possibility for transfer credit; and to construct an Individual Education Plan.

06. What about books?

Book lists are posted a few weeks before classes start. Most students shop around for the best price. Others will rent their books from current students. It’s absolutely a personal preference on which way to do things.

Current course textbook requirements will be posted under the library section of our website just before the upcoming term.

07. When is orientation?

Orientation is typically during the two weeks before classes start. Each program generally has its own. Dates and times are decided closer to the start of the semester.

08. What about financial aid?

For more information about resources available to you please visit our Financial Aid page.

09. What are the costs of attending?

The costs of attending Forest Institute are updated periodically.  Please visit our Tuition and Fees page for the latest information on costs associated with your education.

10. What scholarships are available?

Forest Institute has several scholarship opportunities available for both new and returning students.  To see scholarships currently available to you visit our Scholarship Opportunities page.

11. When will I know how much money I'm getting from loans?

Award letters are generally sent to students a couple of months before class begins. In order to receive an award letter from Financial Aid, we need the FAFSA and the financial aid packet that we provide.

12. What’s it like in St. Louis, MO?

Our St. Louis site is conveniently located in Creve Coeur near a golf course, shopping centers, and an abundance of cultural activities.  Learn more about St. Louis.

13. What's it like in Springfield, MO?

Our main campus in Springfield, Missouri has all of the amenities of a large city, but with a small-town feel.  There's plenty to do whether you are into the outdoors, shopping, arts and entertainment, or anything else.  Learn more about Springfield, MO.

14. Can I live on the Springfield campus?

Of course! On-campus one- and two-bedroom housing units, completed in 2000, are available to individual students and their families.

Fully-equipped and within walking distance of the school, rental prices for the units are comparable to similar housing in the Springfield area.

The units include spacious living areas, kitchens, laundry facilities and balconies.

A fitness circuit and playgroup equipment are available on the grounds, and a city park, municipal golf course and hiking/biking trail lie adjacent to the campus.

Students, or prospective students, wishing more information on housing are encouraged to call Hunter Property Management at 417-887-3004.

There are no on campus living facilities at the St. Louis site.

15. Do I need a car?

Because Forest is located on the outskirts of Springfield, having a vehicle is recommended. Springfield does have a transit system with a nearby bus stop. However, the nearest bus stop is a little over a mile from campus. Many of our students live nearby and use bicycles to commute to school on the Ozark Greenways Trail during pleasant weather.
A vehicle is also recommended for getting to our St. Louis site location. For more details on driving to the Golfview building or taking public transportation, please see our St. Louis directions page.

16. What if I'm an international student?

Forest welcomes international students and has staff available that will help deal with immigration issues. We would encourage any international students to be active in Edvance360. Talk to current students about life here and relocating. They’ll be your best source on where to live and how to acclimate. Edvance360 can also be a great tool to find a roommate, a car, furniture and more.

Remember to contact Admissions with any questions. We will help you find the answers to any questions you have.

17. What if I need to postpone matriculation?

Candidates, who have accepted an offer of enrollment from Forest but wish to postpone matriculation, may submit a written request to the Director of Admissions. Such an extension may only be granted for up to one year, and may not carry-over into another academic year. In situations where a candidate wishes to begin enrollment in an academic year other than that which was offered, reapplication may be required, including payment of the application and matriculation fees.