Forest Excellence in Education and Training Scholarship


Forest Excellence in Education and Training Scholarship (FEETS) Program


For the past four years, Forest Institute has supported a need-based program that distributes over $100,000 each year to outstanding students through awards, scholarships and assistantships. We are pleased to announce that the FEETS program will continue in 2014-2015, aligned to strategic initiatives, which support the mission of the school.The 2014-2015 program will once again target the retention of our best and brightest students based on academic performance and provide increased opportunity to demonstrate academic excellence for assistantships, as well as provide support and recognition for the scholarly endeavors of students engaged in research projects.


The sections below describe the application process and criteria used to determine eligibility of applicants. Specific eligibility and application criteria for each of the funding areas are reflected on the pages which follow.

1. Eligibility

To be considered eligible for an award, scholarship, or fellowship, students must meet the following minimum criteria:


§Complete and submit the Forest Scholarship Application Form (FSAP) prior to the deadline.

§Meet the school’s residency requirement by the end of the Summer 2014 semester (complete two consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment; i.e. 9+ credit hours per semester).*

§Meet the criteria for good academic standing at outset of the Summer 2014 semester.

§Maintain an active enrolled status at the time of application; i.e., not on leave of absence.

§Demonstrate financial need through eligibility for federal student aid.

Eligibility for federal student aid is determined by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA; International students should contact Enrollment Counselor Phillip Raleigh to receive instructions for determining financial eligibility. Forest receives notification of eligibility for federal aid one to two weeks after you complete the FAFSA. Please note that filing the FAFSA does not automatically put you in consideration for these awards. You must still complete the application process described above.

2. Application Process

In order to be considered for any of the awards, scholarships, or assistantships described herein, eligible students must complete the application process. Eligible students may apply for more than one funding mechanism (i.e., award, scholarship, or fellowship) but are encouraged to apply only for those awards for which they truly believe they are competitive. Please note it is in the best interest of the school to distribute these awards to as many students as possible.


Complete applications will reflect the following:


§ Forest Excellence in Education and Training Scholarship (FEETS) Application Form completed and submitted before the deadline. If students wish to apply for more than one category, they will need to submit additional copies of the FEETS Application Form and supporting documentation for each of the awards, scholarships, or assistantships to be considered.

§ All materials, supporting documentation, and letters of recommendation (if applicable) required for consideration must be submitted with the Application Form via the following link: July 1. 2014 Applicants are responsible for ensuring all materials are received before the stated deadline. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


3.Review Process (FEETS Review Committee)

All applications and supporting materials are reviewed by an administrative committee consisting of the VPAA, Dean of Doctoral Program, Dean of Master’s Programs, and Director of Clinical Training.All need-based scholarships, awards, and assistantships are distributed at the discretion of the committee and are dependent on the availability of funds.


4. Award Notification and Funding Process

Applicants will be notified of the administrative committee’s determinations on or before August1, 2014. Notifications will be sent via the applicant’s e-mail account. Upon notification of selection to receive funding, students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid Office to determine the financial aid implications of awards, scholarships, or assistantships. Students should be aware that any reduction in tuition may reduce eligibility to receive financial aid.


Funding for awards, scholarships, and assistantships are distributed as a percent reduction in tuition cost, except for the Research Award and a portion of the funding for the Writing Center Assistantships. Reduction of tuition expense is distributed across the year at the stated percentage rate until the maximum dollar amount of the award is reached OR the eligible award period ends.


In 2014-2015, the eligible award period will include fall 2014, spring 2015, and summer 2015 semesters. Any funding remaining unused at the end of the award period will not be carried forward into the next academic year, even for renewable awards. In the event a student is selected to receive more than one award, scholarship, or fellowship, the student may choose to "stack” the percent reduction in tuition within a given semester, but will not be allowed to carry any funding into the next academic year.


5. Continuing Eligibility

Students who are selected to receive funding through the FEETS program reflect distinction within our education and training environment. Awardees are expected to continue demonstrations of good academic performance and student conduct throughout the funding period. Recipients of awards, scholarships, or assistantships who fail to maintain a high level of academic performance or student conduct will be evaluated by the program dean for continuation in the FEETS program and may be disqualified from receiving any remaining compensation or tuition funding. Assistantship recipients who fail to comply with expectations regarding weekly project support during the eligible award period may also be disqualified from any remaining compensation or tuition reduction.


6.Deadline for Receipt of Applications: 12:00 pm (noon) July 01, 2014

Please direct questions or clarifications regarding application to the FEETS Program to Ms.Beth Bennett, Executive Assistant to the Administration, or 417-893-7998.


*Note: Students who started a degree program at Forest in the current Summer semester or who will be starting in the Fall are considered "new incoming students” and are not yet eligible for the awards, scholarships, and fellowships described here. These "new incoming students” are already being supported by over $40,000 in funds from this program.