Financial Aid Options

Although Forest's tuition and fees are among the lowest in the country, students should not assume that guaranteed federal student loans will cover all costs of attendance. Students are encouraged to explore other sources of funding such as work-study, scholarships (both internal and external), or employment to offset the expenses related to graduate education.

    1. Federal Work-Study Program

      Forest Institute participates in the Federal Work-Study Program which funds part-time employment opportunities for students. The program is based on financial need as determined by the Cost of Attendance (C.O.A.) budget remaining after Stafford loans are applied. Work-study is also available to students who wish to reduce dependence on loan money by working. A limited number of positions are available and are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Click here to learn about open  Work-Study positions.
    2. Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan

      The Unsubsidized Stafford Loan is NOT based on financial need. The student is responsible for all interest which accrues on the loan from the date of disbursement. Interest payments may be made in installments or allowed to accrue and be added to the principal (capitalized). Students are STRONGLY encouraged to pay the interest on this loan AS IT ACCRUES (i.e. monthly or quarterly depending on the lending agency). This can significantly reduce a student's overall loan debt and result in a much more manageable loan payment upon graduation. A .5% federal origination fee will be deducted from each disbursement of this loan.
    3. Grad Plus Stafford Loans

      This loan is designed to give students the opportunity to borrow an additional amount to cover the remaining need up to the student's program cost of attendance. There is an origination fee and a slightly higher interest will accrue while the student is enrolled. All other provisions are the same as the Federal Stafford student unsubsidized loan.
    4. Health Professions Student Loan

      A student may be eligible to borrow additional unsubsidized Stafford loan amounts that exceed the annual and aggregate limits of traditional graduate students. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.
    5. Private Loans

      Numerous private loans offer interest rates comparable to federal loans and have the same in-school deferment features.
    6. Scholarships

      A variety of opportunities exist for students to receive financial assistance for tuition-related expenses. The Board of Directors awards three scholarships annually of varying amounts to incoming students who demonstrate a significant propensity to contribute to the spirit of advocacy, diversity, and service to the community while at Forest Institute. Additional scholarships may be offered depending on availability of funding sources. Click here for additional information on scholarships or for links to external scholarship sites.
    7. Veteran's Benefits

      Forest is an approved institution of higher learning for the education of veteran's by the State of Missouri Department of Veterans' Affairs.
    8. Military Tuition Assistance (TA)

      Several branches of the armed forces offer tuition assistance. Check with the appropriate on-base military educational counselor for information and forms to complete.