Description: Award to support and promote quality research methodology and best

practice procedures pertaining to the doctoral project

Renewable: Yes


Application Deadline: July 01, 2014


Amount of Award: $830 tuition remission to reimburse 2nd and/or 3rd doctoral project credit hour




Doctoral students who have registered for either Doctoral Project Credit II or III.


Criteria for Selection:

Recipients will be selected based on:

1.Evaluation of the document produced upon completion of Doctoral Project Credit I and/or II using the Doctoral Project Review Checklist. Significance of the study to the field of clinical psychology will be a critical component of the evaluation.

2.Quality of the research methodology will be a critical component of the evaluation.

3.History of academic performance in research related courses within the degree program.

4.Letter of recommendation from project chair.


Materials Required for Consideration:

1.Completed FEETS Application Form;

2.Electronic copy of document produced during Doctoral Project Credit I; and description of how Doctoral Project Credit II document will be produced.

3.Electronic copy of document produced during Doctoral Project Credit II, if applying for reimbursement of 3rdproject credit hour.


Expected Outcomes:

Recipients of the Doctoral Project Award will be required to satisfactorily complete the requirements of either Doctoral Project Credit II, or if appropriate, Credit III.


I have read and understand the scholarship program guidelines. I affirm that the information which I have provided in this application form and any additional materials is complete, accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and represents my own work. I also understand that furnishing false information in the process of completing this application may result in revocation of my financial aid or may result in disciplinary action pursuant to the Academic Catalog. I understand that the FEETS Review Committee may review other aspects of my academic record in consideration of my application.