Meet Adam Andreassen, Psy.D.

Owner: Midwest Assessment & Psychotherapy Solutions/Executive Director: Heart of America Psychology Training Consortium

Dr. Andreassen is presently the Executive Training Director for HAPTC. Dr. Andreassen received his Master of Arts and his Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology at the School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute in Springfield, Missouri. He is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Missouri. He has been employed within various psychiatric and psychological settings including private practice and hospitals.

Dr. Andreassen specializes in psychological assessment including school-based evaluations, juvenile evaluations, and general personality evaluations. His dissertation was entitled Personality Characteristics Associated with Glossolalia and Religiosity. His clinical interests include the utilization of assessment measures, in particular the Rorschach. He also works on a part-time basis at Royal Oaks Hospital where he provides inpatient psychological testing and supervision.