I can't wait to get back to Missouri...


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind...
Of course there was the last week of Fall semester classes, followed by finals week... And I followed that with a super wonderful week of sleep before heading to New Jersey to spend the holidays with my family.
Being here in New Jersey has been a bit strange. I've lived away from home before and come back to visit for the holidays, but this time it's different. All of my friends are working now instead of going to school, so they have responsibilities to work right now instead of being on break. My older brother and his wife are still living at home with my parents and they have begun to take over more and more of the house, so "my room" isn't my room anymore. After four months of not seeing me, my mom wants to boss me around just because I'm here and she can. But maybe the strangest thing of all is how I have no schedule and no responsibilities. I'm just kind of floating here until I decide to return.  When I get bored, or have no plans for the night, I scroll through my phone and see the names of people I am used to hanging out with, but who are all spread across the country right now, not across the apartment complex or a short jog down the road.
My Springfield bestie, Ryan, told me to spend as much time here as I could because it's not like I can just come back to New Jersey every weekend, but I'll tell ya, I'm definitely ready to come back and see my friends in Missouri and get back to work with classes.
Although I'm a Jersey Girl at heart, Missouri has become "home" for me. Both students and staff at this school have embraced me and made me feel welcome. Springfield has places that have become a solid part of my weekly routine. So, I'm sitting here saying something I never thought I would say...
And I will return in good time... I do have a wonderful family and some awesome friends here and I'm excited to ring in the new year on a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to see the Bengals play the Ravens!!!
But when the time comes to pack my things, load up my car, and hit the road with my puppy for the 24 hour drive back to Springfield, I'll be more than ready to get home.