It only just begun...


Please forgive me for writing such a cheesy blog post. I'm feeling pretty nostalgic this evening, so bear with me.
Tonight was the last night of my Health Psychology course, which also marked the end of my last Fall semester ever and and the completion of a total of 39 credit hours! I cannot believe I will be done with my Master's degree in four short months! It truly does feel as though it was only yesterday that I was walking into my first class, Psychopathology, completely unaware of what I was getting myself into. Shortly after, I attended my first MACP meeting and I remember feeling so overwhelmed thinking about everything I was going to have to do throughout my program: write my Candidacy paper, find a practicum site, write my Capstone paper. At the time, it seemed impossible! I laugh now, thinking about it, because all of those things are now finished and I can see the end in sight. Scary? Oh yea. Exciting? Definitely. I've spent the past 19 years consistently as a student. In a way, that has been a part of my identity and now that is about to go away. However, I am also pretty anxious to develop my professional self. So much is in store for me and after I am awarded my Master's degree, it feels like the possibilities are going to be endless!  I still can't help but wish I had savored my education career a little more now that it's all about the come to a close. So, for any of you who still have a ways to go in your own career as a student, do me a favor. Enjoy those late nights studying, hours spent reading textbooks, and everything else that comes along with being a student, good and bad. In the moment, some of it might not feel so fun, but you may come to find that you'll dearly miss it when it is over.