Thanksgiving & Forest


With this being my first post, I'll start off by saying hello! As you may have read from the bio section, my name is Lauren and I'm a second year Master's in Counseling Psychology student. With this being a long Thanksgiving weekend, I thought that would be a great topic to kick off my first post. My "home" is 1,500 miles away which isn't very convenient when it comes to things like being with family for the holidays. I'm not gonna lie, I do get homesick sometimes. The past few weeks, I've heard about all kinds of exciting Thanksgiving plans of fellow classmates and coworkers at Forest. I unfortunately have not been able to contribute much to these discussions because I had no plans. No turkey, no football, no shopping. I don't know if I can give a better reason other than I'm a poor graduate student and the person I live with works retail and would be gone all afternoon and night, so I would be alone anyway. This honestly didn't really bother me though, because I guess I'm weird and I was looking forward to doing weird things like reorganizing my pantry and finishing up some crafts. However, each time one of these Thanksgiving plans discussions came up, people at Forest didn't even hesitate to invite me to their own family's celebrations. No, not just from my best friend, but from people whom I don't really know terribly well. I got at least 5 invitations from people to travel home with them, locations ranging from St. Louis to Nebraska, for Thanksgiving.

Shout out to Julie, Kimberly, Kristy, Lauren and Jonathan!

I think it is truly a testament of how much of a family we have here at Forest, one of my favorite things about coming to school here. It has been my experience that people go out of their way to help one another and it has made graduate school so much more enjoyable. So, every time I get a little homesick, I am quickly reminded that I have my own little family, my home away from home here in Springfield, Missouri, and I love it.