Phillip Hawley

I just finished internship at Wellspan Behavioral Health in York, PA and will begin my post-doc residency at the end of the month. I am from Jefferson City, MO and completed my Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Truman State in Kirksville, MO. I began the PsyD program in 2009 in the primary care psychology concentration. Similarly I am most interested in medical patients, with my thesis and doctoral project focusing on migraine patients.

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During my time at Forest I completed the primary care concentration. There were many times we discussed the way a psychologist can operate in a primary care clinic. Over and over ago the words, "Be flexible” were stated. This seemed bizarre to me at the time, but now I think that is the simplest way to describe my days.

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I have used this forum to discuss the long process that is graduate school. Well today I received an e-mail that to be honest still seems unreal. "Dear student, Congratulations on getting your degree conferred.” The marathon that is school is complete!

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On September 2nd I defended my doctoral project. This was a culmination of years of work, many hours of research, writing, editing, and other components that I have blocked from my memory at this point. As I now look ahead, I only have one thing to say. The best defense is a good offense. The more I write these blog entries the more I notice a theme in my own situation.

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The last month of my life has been a time of transition. My wife and I packed up our apartment and moved 3000 miles west to Yakima, Washington. 

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As I write this, I am looking forward to my first real job as a psychologist and looking back at a year that has gone by much too fast.