Rights & Responsibilities of Financial Aid

You have the RIGHT to know:

  • Students receiving financial aid must satisfy the financial aid academic progress requirements, satisfactory completion, and maintain good academic standing as set forth in the academic catalog;
  • The criteria used to determine satisfactory academic progress for financial aid;
  • What financial assistance is available from federal, state & institutional sources;
  • How your financial aid eligibility is determined;
  • Procedures for submitting applications for financial aid;
  • How & when funds will be disbursed to you;
  • The refund policy for students who withdraw; and
  • The interest rate, total amount you must repay, when your repayment begins, length of your repayment period, and the deferment provisions of your loan.


  • Complete an Entrance Interview at www.mappingyourfuture.org;
  • Read all information thoroughly, complete all application forms accurately and comply with all deadlines;
  • Know & comply with all academic & financial requirements for continuation of financial aid INCLUDING SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS and completion;
  • Provide, in a timely manner, all information and/or documentation required by the Financial Aid Department to process your loan(s);
  • Accept full responsibility for all documents/forms signed by you;
  • Promptly notify the Financial Aid Office of any change in: address, phone, enrollment and/or financial status (including any scholarships, grants, loans, etc., from outside sources);
  • Complete an Exit Interview at www.mappingyourfuture.org;
  • Notify your LENDER of any name/address/phone changes during repayment; and
  • Repay ALL loan balances, along with accrued interest and administrative fees.