MHCC Conference Moves to St. Louis, MO

MHCC Conference

The Mental Health in Corrections Conference will be held in St. Louis, MO this year at Maryville University.  Plenary Speakers include Brenda Palms-Barber, Jeff Wright, Randell Turner, PhD, and George Lombardi.

Conference presentation topics include:

  • Fighting Cynicism During Tough social & Economic Strife
  • The Church, The Law, & Healthcare Providers: Faith-Based Community Mental Health
  • "Sweet Beginnings" for People Needing Second Chances
  • Rogue Intimacy, Relationship, Restoration & Reentry
  • Re-Integration of Ex-Offenders into Communities
  • Changing Forensic Discourse:  Words, Impact, & Recidivism
  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries in Prisons:  Avoiding the First Step in this Slippery Slope
  • Standing in Front of the Gateways of Change
  • Plus many more.....

For much more information about the conference and to register online, visit the new MHCC website.