Office Of Financial Aid Code Of Conduct

Forest Institute of Professional Psychology Office of Student Financial Aid strives to provide customer services to ensure students are our number one priority. The Financial Aid Office serves students and the community by providing financial aid information and resources to assist students in achieving their educational and professional goals. We are committed to providing quality financial aid services while maintaining equality and accountability in the administration of public, institutional, and private financial aid funds.

To ensure ethical behavior in our administration of financial resources to fund student's education, we adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • We communicate to students established priority dates, deadlines, and eligibility criteria via our website, email, publications, and presentations.
  • We communicate to students the need to complete and submit required financial documents according to the established deadlines.
  • We require our institute to comply with state and federal laws that prohibit soliciting or accepting gifts or other things of value from entities involved in making, holding, consolidating or processing student loans.
  • We disclose our relationships with lenders.
  • We exercise good judgment and commitment to our students when selecting financial aid lenders and lender selection sites for our students to select lenders.
  • We disclose the criteria and process used to select appropriate lenders and lender services on our lender selection sites.
  • We notify students that they have the right and ability to select a lender of their choice regardless of the lender selection sites we provide.
  • We provide students with access to, and process loans for, all lenders of choice, including those not on the lender selection sites.
  • We do not allow employees of lending institutions to work in or provide staffing assistance to our offices.
  • We offer the maximum federal aid eligibility and recommend that borrowers accept federal financial aid before accepting grad plus or private/alternative loans.
  • We require entrance and exit counseling to educate borrowers on their rights and responsibilities and educate them to determine the repayment option that best fits their individual financial needs.
  • We provide comprehensive financial aid counseling for students, prospective students, families, and the community.
  • We continuously strive to improve our services and provide the highest quality customer service to our students.
  • We make certain state and federal regulations are updated and followed through reviews, audits, and continuing education.