CNN Ranks MFTs in Top 50 Best Jobs in America

CNN Ranks MFTs in Top 50 Best Jobs in America

CNN Money/'s recent release of the "Best Jobs in America" rankings listed Marriage and Family Therapists 42nd out of 100 top jobs, with an estimated job growth rate of 41.2%, an estimated 36,000 jobs and a top pay of around $120,000. Other mental health professionals ranked lower than MFTs, with clinical psychologists at 55, psychiatrists at 78 and psychiatric nurses at 85.

In addition to ranking based on the factors listed above, CNN also gave a "quality of life" report card, with MFTs reporting an "A" in "benefit to society," "B" in "flexibility" and "personal satisfaction" and a "C" in "low stress" Do you agree with this assessment? Take the poll giving your opinion about CNN's report card. Also be sure to express your thoughts on this very exciting information in AAMFT's blog

Coincidentally, in the AAMFT's most recent edition of Family Therapy Magazine, we analyze some similar statistics, derived from our All Member Survey. In section five, it is illustrated that the largest majority of Associate Members (now Pre-Clinical Fellows) were employed in community or government agency settings, while the majority of Clinical Members (now Clinical Fellows) were employed in a private practice setting. Along those lines, the AAMFT also found that while Associate Members' yearly salaries peaked between $25,000 and $50,000, 70% of Clinical Members reported earning over $50,000 a year.

The logical conclusion that was drawn in the article was that "as credentials increase, so does income." Additionally, it was found that "as members become more credentialed, their contribution to household income increases." This emphasizes the need for Pre-Clinical Fellows to transition to the Clinical Fellows category, both for personal and household income benefits. If you are a Pre-Clinical Fellow, learn more about transitioning to  Clinical Fellow by reading our transfer information page on the AAMFT website.

Also, If you are not an MFT, but would like to learn more information about the fundamental principles behind MFT practice, the models used in practice (and methods of integrating these models into practice) as well as ethical and legal issues within the profession, then we recommend you attend "A Marriage and Family Therapy Crash Course" taught by Dr. Thorana Nelson at the AAMFT Institutes for Advanced Clinical Training being held in Santa Fe, NM, March 6-10.

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