David Bauman Gets Hands-On With PEM Newsletter

David Bauman's experience in the Association of Applied Sports Psychology has landed him a number of roles within the organization.

Most recently he was asked to be an editor for the Performance Excellence Movement Newsletter.

"Being a regional representative with AASP requires you to be a leader on at least one student initiative. When I first became a RR I joined the Internship and Practicum Experience Initiative. While serving on the initiative, I was asked to be an editor of the Performance Excellence Movement (PEM) Newsletter," said Bauman.

The PEM Newsletter is an annual newsletter put out by AASP that integrates current topics in the field of sports psychology with student articles and involvement.

Not only did Bauman work to seek out those who might be interested in contributing to the newsletter, but he was heavily involved in its final outcome.

"Once we received potential abstracts, myself, along with the two other editors, graded the abstracts and picked the three we felt fit the goal and direction of the newsletter. We then supplied the authors 3-4 rounds of edits to help ensure the quality of work that AASP requires. I must say all the authors did a fantastic job and, I feel, representedthe students of AASP very well," said Bauman.

Bauman continues his work within Forest's student group for sport psychology and AASP and looks forward to more opportunities.

"Working on the newsletter was a great experience, one which I will do again next year. My two fellow editors were extremely helpful and made my job a lot easier. I am definitely looking forward to being an editor for next year's newsletter and would encourage anyone at Forest who has an interest in sport psychology and/or AASP to consider submitting a proposal for next year's PEM Newsletter," said Bauman.

View the entire PEM newsletter.