Dr. Michael Leftwich Presents Ideas for Doctoral Program

As the search for a Dean of the Doctoral program continues, Dr. Michael Leftwich held a presentation on Friday, September 23 to lay out his vision of the program.

He focused his presentation around the Forest principles of Enrich, Advance & Serve.

Dr. Leftwich started his presentation by talking about the good things the program was already doing, and whey he felt it was important that the school builds off its current successes.

He then moved into ways of enriching the school through things like faculty retention, greater levels of consistency in finished graduate projects, and higher levels of client contact and assessment hours.

In regards to our next APA site visit, Dr. Leftwich talked about the importance of meeting our challenges, crystalizing our identity and purpose, and being on the same page in terms of our philosophy and mission.  His ultimate goal is to achieve our full accreditation status again.

In ways of advancing Forest, Dr. Leftwich says he believes the school has the potential to be a model practitioner-scholar program and a NCSPP leader.  He also believes the importance of staying on the cutting edge, especially with our primary care psychology program.

Dr. Lefwich went on to discuss providing informed leadership, and he spoke of his leadership roles at Forest and other organizations.

Finally, Dr. Leftwich talked of how he would serve Forest by willingly seeking input from his constituents, meeting with individual student cohorts and faculty, promoting advocacy and professional engagement, working with the administration and staff to clearly communicate priorities and goals, and by working with APA and CoA as proactively and cooperatively as possible.

In closing, Dr. Leftwich said he believes the Psy.D. program has a bright future, and that there is large potential for growth.  He also said one of the best ways we can be ready for the challenges ahead is to be our own worst critic.