Encouragement to PsyD Students Affected By Boston Bombing

While at The Executive Committee of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP), Dr. Skrade contributed to a note of encouragement to two PsyD students affected by the bombing in Boston.

Dr. David M. Cimbora, President, NCSPP .wrote


the memorial serves as a testament to the unified sense of community that we have within NCSPP, and to the care that we have for those that are hurting. I was deeply moved as I read each of your contributions, and I trust you will find it equally moving. Over 25 pages of sentiments are captured in the pdf. We continue to grieve with those affected - it is nice to know that our care for those at MSPP and the Boston area are not restricted to a static document, but instead are ongoing.

Dr Skrade's Letter:

Dear students, staff, faculty and especially Patrick and Jessica,

On behalf of the Forest Institute community I want to share our thoughts, prayers and support for

you from here in the heartland. The tragedy of this week has touched our nation but not nearly so

much as it has the MSPP community. Know that you do not stand alone but that there is a

connection between us through our collective efforts to understand and change a world that at times

is terribly dangerous and fraught with confusion and uncertainty.

Patrick and Jessica, you are our students, our peers, our colleagues and friends in spirit and our

son and daughter; our loved ones. In spite of present experience and because of your present

experience, as individuals and a couple, we know that you will grow stronger each day and will

as a result of this event, have a capacity to impact your world in ways that none of us will.

We wish you Godspeed on your journey.


Dr. Mark Skrade

Mark Skrade, Psy.D.


The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute

2885 West Battlefield Road

Springfield, MO 65807

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