Fall Travel Stipend Recipients Announced

Through Forest’s Student Travel Award Program that started in 2006, students are able to apply for financial assistance from Forest Institute to help offset costs related to travel in presenting their research at regional and national conferences.

More than $51,000 has been awarded to 184 students in support of their research projects since the program began.


Forest recently announced the recipients of funding for the Fall 2011 cycle.


"These awards have been an important element for me in presenting research, keeping abreast of new developments in the field, and networking with other students and professionals through attending conferences," said recipient Summer Rolin. "Travel stipends have really been crucial in helping me defer the costs of attending professional conferences."

Recipient Jamie Bell also is thankful for the stipends, "It has been a huge help. I would not be able to attend if it weren't for the travel awards!"


Below is the entire list of Fall 2011 recipients.

11thAnnual Diversity Challenge

Danica Wailes

Mandy White

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Kristina Brown


11thAnnual Diversity Challenge and Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Conference

Katie Price

Mandy Borrelli

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Peter Jaberg


American Psychological Association

Ashley Kopp

Jamie Bell

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Brad Powers


Association for Size Diversity

Jennifer Copeland

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Peter Jaberg


National Academy of Neuropsychology

Katie Dunham

Kate Higgins

Summer Rollin

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Steve Akeson


Collaborative Family Healthcare Association

Gage Stermensky

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Chris Neumann

 The next application deadline is November 15th for students to receive funding in the January-March cycle.

If you would like to submit an application or learn more about the program, please contact Marcie Kirkup, at marciej@forest.edu or by phone at 417‑823‑3401.