Forest Announces Successful completion of APA Accredation Cycle

In May, the School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute announced the successful completion of its most recent reaccreditation cycle with the Commission on Accreditation (CoA) of the American Psychological Association (APA) for the Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD) degree program. The CoA is recognized by both the U.S. Department of Education and the Council of Higher Education Accreditation as the national accrediting authority for professional education and training in doctoral-level psychology.

President Mark Skrade said, "Holding specialized accreditation by APA reflects the highest standard a doctoral program in clinical psychology can achieve. This decision affirms the quality of our academic programs, the excellence of our faculty, and makes the path toward professional licensure much easier for our graduates” Skrade added.

And while there are 63 other similarly accredited programs in the country, Forest’s program is unique among them in its commitment to quality training for clinical psychologists. "Having the PsyD program recognized by APA for continued accreditation is a major accomplishment” said Gerald Porter, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Additionally, Porter explained, "all students complete their initial practicum training under the supervision and mentorship of licensed program faculty in the school-owned and operated Robert J. Murney Clinic. The Murney Clinic is a contemporary community mental health center which attends to the mental and behavioral health needs of a broad range of underserved and underinsured populations in the region on a sliding fee scale.”

The school’s commitment to quality training experiences is also seen through its development and support of internship placement opportunities for its doctoral students. According to Porter, "These internships are highly sought-after nationwide and afford local students the opportunity to experience continuity of training from matriculation to program completion.” Through affiliation agreements with the APA-accredited internship at the Murney Clinic, as well as the Heart of America Psychology Training Consortium, the largest internship consortium in the Midwest, Forest’s students are well‑positioned to enter practice in underserved communities and be eligible for loan repayment through the National Health Service Corps program.

"Over $5.1 million has been received by over 140 alumni who have participated in the NHSC program,” according to Brad Powers, Associate Professor at Forest Institute, and Regional Ambassador for the National Health Service Corps. "Alumni of the PsyD program comprise the largest pool of loan repayment recipients for any school in the state of Missouri, as well as any clinical psychology program nationwide. What this means for graduates is the opportunity to be free of student loans at the end of five years of service. For rural communities this means they are able to have local access to quality mental health services that are desperately needed.”

All degree and certificate programs offered by Forest are also accredited by the regional accrediting body, The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. Visit for more information.