Forest Grad Featured on HGTV

Forest Alumnus Matt Turvey, Psy.D
. was moved by his deep spiritual commitment, and the knowledge that he has more to give. In 2012, Turvey and his family left a comfortable life in the Twin Cities to reach out to underserved orphans in Lima, Peru. His adventure was featured on a recent episode of House Hunters International.

2003 Summa Cum Laude Graduate from the PsyD program, Matt also earned a Post-graduate Degree Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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After the monotony of suburban life, Matt and Nicole knew that there was something more they could be doing with their lives. When they discovered that there was a need in Lima, Peru to help orphaned children, they decided to pack up their own three kids and head to South America and volunteer. Now they need to navigate a new country to find a home that not only fits five, but that also doesn't bust their budget. Can they live without the comforts of home and downsize their entire lives? Find out when House Hunters International visits Lima, Peru.