Psychology: A Graduate Degree Worth Its Weight

According to the recent article "Grad School Math: Which Degrees Are Worth the Debt" by Bruce Watson on the website Daily Finance, delaying entry into the job market can be a good thing during an economic downturn because it helps narrow the wage gap.

The article suggests someone with a graduate degree can expect to make on average $13,000 more per year than someone with only a bachelor’s degree.

Watson says, in many cases, a great way to delay entry into the workforce is by getting a graduate degree but you need to be careful about your selection.

You need to consider your major, the school you attend, and how much debt you could incur while obtaining the degree. However, making wise choices can pay big dividends.

The social sciences are ranked among the top graduate degrees for the increase in potential income they bring to graduates. Additionally, possessing a graduate degree sets you a part from your competitors for open positions.

To learn more about why a graduate degree in the social sciences, like psychology, could be the right choice click here to view the entire article.