Stacy Ogbeide Contributes to Psychotherapy Bulletin

In this quarter's edition of the Psychotherapy Bulletin, student Stacey Ogbeide is the featured student.

Earlier in the spring the publication for Division 29 of the APA made a call for papers, and it was at that time Ogbeide submitted her writings about motivational interviewing with the older adult population.

In the article, which Ogbeide originally created as a paper for Dr. Neumann's Theory and Intervention class, she focuses on the ways motivational interviewing can be an effective form of therapy in older adults who may be suffering from chronic illnesses.

Ogbeide sheds light on how motivational interviewing promotes behavior change and she takes a closer look at how it has been applied to weight-loss, smoking and alcohol use, as well as application in chronic disease intervention.

To read the complete article download this quarter's Psychotherapy Bulletin at the link below.

Ogbeide's article appears on page 37 of the PDF.