A/V Equipment Need To Knows

Making a Reservation

The Library maintains an Outlook calendar for scheduling any AV equipment. It is viewable by anyone, but only Library or IT staff can create or edit appointments. Please make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance by calling 823-3418, emailing library@forest.edu, or stopping by the Library Front Desk. You must receive a verbal or email confirmation from us to complete the reservation process. We cannot promise that the equipment you need will be available if requested on short notice. Please plan ahead for any class assignments involving video recording.
When reserving the equipment, please provide us with your name, phone number, the date and time for pickup and dropoff, the start and end time of your event (if applicable), the location of the event (if applicable), and if it is a recurring appointment.

Cancelling a Reservation and No-Shows

Please notify the Library as soon as possible if you no longer need the AV equipment.
If you are unable to pickup the equipment at the appointed time, please call or stop by to reschedule.
If you do not show up within 15 minutes of your pickup time, the equipment will be made available for an appointment by another student, staff member or faculty member.

Picking Up and Returning Equipment

Please come to the Library to check out your equipment. You will need your ID badge to check out any AV materials.
You must return the AV equipment to the Library when you are done. Please do not leave it in the classroom.
If you anticipate needing the equipment longer, you can contact the Library to ask if you can extend the appointment. This may not be possible when the equipment is in high demand.
AV equipment must remain on campus unless permission is granted by IT staff or Library staff.

How to Use the Equipment

There are brief instructions included with most AV equipment on how to use the device. The manual is also included for more detailed information.

Video Transfers

You must complete a form to transfer video from the digital camcorder to the internal network. You can check for your video transfer on the shares network drive under classroom videos. The video will be posted under your class folder and will have your name as the title. Please allow 3 days for the video transfer to be completed.