Library Copiers, Printers, and Fax Machine

Springfield campus

Library Fax Machine

The library fax machine will accept personal non-confidential faxes for students. Library staff can also send out personal non-confidential faxes for students. Fax cover sheets are by the entrance of the library. Keep in mind that staff may not be able to send your fax immediately. Please indicate if you will need a fax confirmation sheet or not. The library's fax number is 417-893-7847.

Library Copiers

We have 3 networked printers, two of which can also be used for copying or scanning. One copier has a document feeder while the other has a book-friendly attachment. You will need a copy code to make any photocopies or scans in the library. The charge per page for copies and prints is $0.05 per page (which covers the cost of paper, printing and machine maintenance). Please email to obtain a code or if you have problems with your code. To clear your account code after you've finished copying, press the Lock/Management button on the display panel of the copier/printer.
A heavy-duty stapler, staple remover, pencil sharpener and electronic hole punch are located near the copiers.

Networked Printers

Sending a print job from one of the library PCs requires logging in to the PC first with your Forest network user name and password. This is how you will be billed for your prints ($0.05 per page). You can select any one of three networked printers as the destination for your print job. The number of the printer you select will also be posted on the printer itself. If your print does not come through, please ask staff at the Library Circulation Desk for assistance. They will help troubleshoot the problem. Please refrain from sending multiple print jobs to the printer. If all your print jobs end up printing, you'll be responsible for paying for all the prints. Any unclaimed prints will be recycled if not claimed by the end of the day.

Library Computer Workstations

Springfield campus
The Library has 23 computer workstations in the computer classroom, 6 standing computer stations in the main library area, as well as 2 handicapped accessible computer workstations (one in the computer classroom and one in the commons area). All workstations have access to the Internet, Microsoft Office, and local network drives for saving your files. Some workstations have access to class-related software such as SPSS.
Occasionally, the Computer Classroom will be reserved for use for a particular class as a designated time during a term (like Statistics Lab). Signs will be posted outside the lab and the hours will also be posted on the room calendar.
All the computers have drives which will accept CDs (and most can accept DVDs). All have USB ports for your flash drives. None of them have 3.5” diskette drives. Some workstations are also equipped with SD card readers (see labels on monitors). Files saved to the desktop or My Documents folder are deleted every night. Do NOT save your work locally. Save it instead to a network drive or onto a portable device.
The two copiers can also be used as scanners. For information on how to scan materials, ask for the instructions located at the Library Circulation Desk.
We have secure wireless access available in the Library. There are basic setup instructions located at the Library Circulation Desk. If you have trouble setting up your computer or need additional help, you should email

Library Audiovisual (A/V) Equipment

Springfield campus
Students can view DVDs on Library PCs with DVD drives in the computer classroom or by using the TV/DVD player unit at the back of the library. Videos in VHS format can be viewed on two TV/VCR units at the back of the library.
The following AV/Multimedia equipment is also available for short-term loan. Overnight or off-campus use with library staff permission only.
  • Projection screens (1) - a second screen is at the St. Louis site
  • Overhead projector on rolling cart (1)
  • LCD projector connected to laptop on rolling cart (1)
  • LCD projectors for travel use (4)
  • TV with VCR/DVD players on rolling cart (1) -- for use only in a faculty office or a room not used as a classroom
  • Digital camcorders (2); telescoping tripods (2); memory cards (11)
  • Flash drive (1)
  • Wireless presentation remote (1)
  • Digital audio recorder (1)
  • Radio (1)
  • Extension cords (multiple)
  • Power strips (multiple)
For more information about reserving, picking up or returning, and how to use A/V equipment please click here.