ILL - Picking Up/Renewing Materials

Interlibrary Loan Policy

How Will I Receive My Article?

Journal articles will be emailed as a PDF file to your Forest email address. In most cases, this occurs the same day they are received by us.
Springfield students will be notified if they must pick up their article in hard copy (usually due to copyright restrictions imposed by the lending library) at the Library Circulation Desk. Hard copy articles for St. Louis students will be sent to the St. Louis site via MOBIUS courier. 
Copies of articles obtained through ILL are yours to keep.

Where Do I Pick Up My Book After It Arrives?

You will be notified via email the same day that your item arrives.
Students on the Springfield campus can pick up books at the Library Circulation Desk. Students at the St. Louis site can pick up books at the reception desk in St. Louis.

How Long Can I Keep an ILL Book on Loan?

For books on loan, the due date and any restrictions for use will appear on the band on the book's front cover. Most libraries give at least a 2 week loan period. Interlibrary loan books should be returned to the Library Circulation Desk. Do not remove the band on the book or any paperwork that may be inside the cover. Renewals for books on loan must be requested prior to the due date. Patrons will be notified if a renewal is possible and will be notified of a new due date. Not all lending institutions allow renewals.