Overdue Items

Library material and audiovisual equipment which is returned late is subject to a fine. Any materials or equipment that is not returned are also subject to replacement costs and processing fees in addition to any fines accrued. Fines are assessed each day the Library is open until the borrowed item is returned.

Overdue Materials or Equipment
Books from General or Diversity Collections
Books from Special Collections
Books from Freud Collection
Books from Jung Collection
$0.25 per day
Books from New Book Shelf
Audio cassettes or CDs
$0.50 per day
Reserve Material
Test Material
Non-Circulating material borrowed with special permission
Audiovisual equipment (such as camcorders, laptops, LCD projectors)
$1.00 per hour

You will receive up to 3 overdue notices. The fourth and final notice will be a bill. If materials are not returned, there is a $100 default replacement cost plus a $10 processing fee plus any outstanding overdue fines.
Please remember that overdue notices are a courtesy. Failure to receive a notice does not mean that you do not owe overdue fines or other fees.
Replacement fees and fines for materials borrowed through SWAN or MOBIUS are $120 per item. All Forest charges will be billed to your student account (via the Accounting Office or Financial Services). Having overdue items will block your check-out privileges with all libraries within MOBIUS including the Forest Library.
If you have a total of $10.00 or more in fines, a block will be placed on your record and you will not be able to check out or renew materials, use Library Reserve or request materials via SWAN or MOBIUS. When your fine is cleared, the block on your account will be removed.
At the end of the term, if your fines have not been paid, no matter the amount, the total fines owed will be billed to your student account. You always have the option to pay fines at your convenience in person at any time.
If you wish to pay a fine in person, the Library will print out a fines statement. Present your fines statement at the Accounting Office so that you can pay your outstanding fine. Please bring back your receipt to the Library so that a staff member can clear your record. If you opt to pay for your fine when the Accounting Office is closed, the Library can accept a check on your behalf and clear your record at that time. Your check will be given to the Accounting Office the next business day for processing.