Now They Are In My Facility: Can We Manage Risk With Little Data?

Now They Are In My Facility: Can We Manage Risk With Little Data?

By Joseph A. Grillo, PsyD. (Licensed Clinical Psychologist-Forensics)


As noted in the earlier post, and through the ongoing discussion, individuals can be placed inappropriately. Economic costs seem to be one of the major causes of the "shift” to the community, and a possible contributor to a lack of information from the sending facility. What can a facility do if they find themselves with the person already at their site?

Also, let’s not simply restrict this to the shift outside of the wall! Many of us who work or have worked behind the wall are no stranger to the "late Friday afternoon transfers” who have no paperwork. The Saturday morning mental health professional is typically shocked to see what awaits them. With this in mind, what can the professional do at the receiving facility to gather information that may be masked (for lack of a better term)? How can facilities protect themselves from an increase in liability? Are there ways to deal with the Individual who has been transferred who may be "irritated, annoyed, or non-compliant” (which also increases the risk/liability of the receiving agency)?

These are some of the issues that I deal with in my private consultation work, and I look forward to discussing at the conference.



Dr. Grillo