Marti Velez Receives Full-Ride Scholarship from Indian Health Service

Marti Velez, Forest first-year student, received the Indian Health Service (IHS) Health Professions Award earlier this month for the 2010-2011 school year. Benefits included in the scholarship are expenses for tuition and fees, books, travel expenses to and from school, and a stipend.

"Other than the money, I applied for this scholarship because I am interested in working within the American Indian community. I was raised in that community and I utilize Indian Health Services myself. I'm very aware of many of the issues involved in American Indian health care, and I wanted to be a part of helping out in that community if it was at all possible", said Marti.

For each year of scholarship support, Marti will have a service obligation of one year in IHS, a tribal health program, urban Indian health program or private practice in a designated health professional shortage area.

"I had planned on working for IHS in some capacity anyway, so applying for the scholarship was an easy decision. Of course the main thing it does change is that I no longer have to take out student loans and I won't have to work which will give me more time for research, community work, and concentrating on my studies."
The IHS Health Professions scholarship program is for American Indian and Alaska Native students who are members of a federally-recognized tribe and are enrolled in health professions programs with priority given to graduate students and junior- and senior-level students.
Congratulations Marti!
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