Forest President Featured in National Psychologist

Forest President Dr. Mark Skrade was featured in the July 2008 issue of the National Psychologist. The article, titled “RxP fails in Missouri despite early support” by Richard E. Gill, frequently quotes Dr. Skrade. The article focuses on reasons for the bill’s defeat, the amount of need in Missouri, and the future of the RxP issue.


Dr. Skrade said, “The reason is the same old, same old – public safety, education, training, etc. – propaganda espoused by psychiatrists and the state medical association. But they never back their arguments with facts or statistics.”

According to the article, “the (Missouri State Medical) Association claims the state has 400 psychiatrists, but Dr. Skrade said he counted 66 in the Missouri medical membership guide. Only two of them are child psychiatrists. That’s a far cry, he said, from the number needed to properly treat the citizens of Missouri who suffer from mental illnesses.”


“We’re not stopping. We’re looking for evidence, continued evidence that (psychiatric) services are not available,” Dr. Skrade said. “(The Missouri Psychological Association) will gather bill sponsors in the Senate and the House and start the struggle anew.”