Wii Tournament Aids Ronald McDonald House

On Saturday, June 11th, students showed just how well they could bowl, strum a guitar, and even dance as they raised money for the Ronald McDonald House.

The third annual Wii tournament raised $132.13 for the organization which supports programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children in the Ozarks.

"Of course, the Ronald McDonald House is a great organization, so we are always thrilled to help them out," said organizer Kelly Valdivia.

A large group turned out for the event which debuted the game "Just Dance 2" which quickly became a highlight of the evening.

"I had a blast and I was definitely glad I was able to make it! Ben and Ryan were hilarious and all the games were tons of fun," commented Jennifer Ritchie.

Vadivia said after watching everyone get down and boogie "it will definitely stay for next year because it's way to entertaining to pass up," referring to the "Just Dance 2" game.

As far as the winners, Taylor Brown was the dancing champion, Kendra Price picked her way to Guitar Hero champ (Easy Level), Ryan Duckworth strummed his way to Guitar Hero champ (Medium Level), and Kyle Brown bowled a strike with a score of 184 points.

Rounding off the top scores for bowling were Chris Barrows with 174, Tucker Brown with 156, and Jennifer Ritchie with 181.