Sixteen Forest Students Presenting at the CWTG Conference

Sixteen Forest students will be presenting posters and a student presentation at the 5th Annual Child Welfare Training Grant Conference on September 12th in Springfield, Mo.


The student presentation by Brandi Noirfalise, MA, is titled The Necessity for Psychoeducational Training in Stepfamily Formation. The following is the abstract from Brandi’s presentation:


“Stepfamilies are rapidly increasing in our society. Often they are stigmatized in comparison to nuclear families.  Stepfamilies may try to emulate a nuclear family at the cost of their own identity.  Psychoeducation can normalize the experience of stepfamily formation, while providing information the family can use daily.”


The following are poster presentations by Forest students:


A Graduate Student Perspective of Working on a Healthy Marriage Grant by Renae Courtney, MA, Dana Anderson, BA, Anthony Larson, MA and Rachel Johnson, BA


Bringing Home & Frying the Bacon: Couple Communication on Coordinating Family and Work by Carolyn Hofstetter, BS


Familial Patterns and Treatments for Eating Disorders by Michaela Muehlbach, BA


Marital Quality in Same-Faith and Interfaith Marriages by Anthony T. Larson, MA


Relationship of Child with Parental Dyad Following Filial Therapy by Rachel Johnson, BA, Courtnie Barton, BS & Glenna Weis, PhD (Forest faculty member)


Role of Parental Involvement in Reducing Feelings of Shame in Sexually Abused Children by Amanda DiMartini, MA, Ashlie Williams, BS and Brian Sandoval, MA


Soldiers Returning Home From Combat: The Effect of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder on Marital Satisfaction by Anna C. Crosby, BA, Ja'Cinta M. Mixon, MS, Rhameka R. Shelly, MA & Erin N. McGownd, BS 


The Birds & The Bees: Influences on Adolescent Sexual Opinions and Behaviors by Christie Nelson, MA & Erin N. McGownd, BS


The Impact of Father Involvement on Daughter’s Well-Being by Dana Sweatt, BA


The target audiences for the conference are Child Welfare Workers and Head Start Family Advocates from 13 southwest Missouri counties, MFT students from Forest Institute, and Social Work students at MSU.


Congratulations to all the presenters!

For more information about the Child Welfare Training Grant and their conference, please click HERE.