Association for Applied Sports Psychology Features Students

At the last meeting of Forest's Society for Sports Psychology, David Bauman and Bridget Beachy made a presentation on a mentoring program that would show schools and athletic teams the power of sports psychology.

The two are members and regional representatives of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology (AASP).

"Before getting involved with AASP, breaking into Sport Psychology felt like such an overwhelming endeavor. However, working with AASP has given me a chance to learn and make an impact one small step at a time," said Beachy.

This month, she and Bauman are featured in AASP's summer newsletter.

"For me, it was an honor to be part of the Spot Light in the newsletter.  Obviously, being featured by a publication put out by the largest organization dedicated to sports psychology in the world is rewarding," said Bauman.

In the newsletter, the two talk about how they became involved in sports psychology and how they hope to make an impact post-graduation.

"It was exciting having the newsletter come out so we can show our family and friends what we have been up to out here in Missouri," said Beachy.

And with the help of Forest student Kate Higgins, Beachy and Bauman are about to help sports psychology students in another way.

"We have recently submitted a manual to help AASP students in the process of obtaining practicum and internship experience in sport psychology," said Bauman.  "The manual will hopefully be published by AASP before the annual conference in September and be a valuable resources for interested students."

Below is a downloadable PDF of the AASP newsletter.  Pages 24-25 feature Bauman and Beachy.