Dr. Mrad Presenting at the Federal Public Defender Seminar

On October 29th, David Mrad, Ph.D., ABPP, will be presenting Operation of the Federal Mental Health Statutes: 18 USC 4241-4247 at the Defending a Federal Criminal Case seminar sponsored by the Western District of Missouri Federal Public Defenders office. Dr. Mrad will focus his presentation on the implementation of the federal mental health statutes in criminal prosecutions as well as the practical issues attorneys should be aware of if they have a client who is being evaluated for competency, criminal responsibility or presentencing issues. Mrad’s presentation will end with information regarding the forensic services provided through The Robert J Murney Clinic at Forest Institute. Mrad is both an Associate Professor at The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute and a Licensed Psychologist practicing at The Robert J Murney Clinic at Forest Institute.