Faculty published in the Greene County Medical Society Journal

Robert A. King II, PsyD, and Christopher Neumann, PhD, author article published in the Greene County Medical Society Journal titled, Enhancing Prescription Dug Misuse/Abuse Prevention through Evidence Based Psychosocial Intervention. The article published in the September 2010 edition suggested that the prescription drugs most commonly abused are prescribed for conditions in which evidence based psychosocial interventions yield effective outcomes. Chronic Pain, anxiety and sleep disorders, as well as ADD/ADHD are all conditions in which there is a robust body of research that supports effective outcomes from psychological interventions. The authors contend that using empirically supported psychological treatments for high abuse and misuse risk conditions would help prescription drug abuse prevention efforts.
Dr. King serves as Clinic Director for The Robert J Murney Clinic at Forest Institute, while also maintaining a practice there as a licensed psychologist. Dr. Neumann is an Associate Professor at The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute and a practicing licensed psychologist.