Dr. Shawn McDaniel Is Giving Back in Central Missouri

In a news release sent out earlier this month Missouri Valley College announced Dr. Shawn McDaniel would be joining its faculty.

Marshall, MO. (July 12, 2011) – Dr. Sharon Weiser, chief academic officer at Missouri Valley College, has announced Dr. Shawn McDaniel will serve as assistant professor of psychology, and a counselor in the MVC counseling center.

McDaniel has extensive experience as a psychologist. Most recently he ran his own private practice providing outpatient psychological evaluations for individual and disability services. McDaniel has also worked as a psychologist at Pathways Behavioral Healthcare in Warrensburg, Mo.; provided outpatient evaluations and therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, and Royal Oaks Hospital in Windsor, Mo.; provided consultation services for treatment teams regarding psychological assessment and completing inpatient psychological evaluations for diagnosis, risk assessment, and intervention strategies.

"Dr. McDaniel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to both our graduate and undergraduate psychology degree programs,” Dr. Sharon Weiser said. "He will be instrumental in building both programs, while also serving our students in the counseling center.”

McDaniel graduated magna cum laude from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks with a Bachelor of Science in psychology with an emphasis in clinical, community, and personality psychology. He received his Master of Arts and Doctor of Psychology in clinical psychology from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology.

As assistant professor of psychology, McDaniel will teach undergraduate classes as well as classes in MVC’s new Master of Arts in community counseling graduate program. McDaniel is also a Missouri Licensed Psychologist who will serve in the College’s counseling center, which provides free counseling services and programs designed to help students maintain emotional well being.  (--End News Release --)

In a phone interview with Dr. McDaniel he told Forest this was something he always wanted to do.

"I wanted to work full-time in academics and have my own practice," said McDaniel.

He was already moving that direction while at Forest working as a lab instructor, and later becoming an adjunct faculty member while doing his residency.

He says he is pleased "to be part of a new program," and looks forward to helping future clinicians achieve their goals.