GLEE Members Make Strong Connections at Pride Event

On June 12, 2011 several Forest students traveled to the annual Springfield Pride event in hopes of opening their eyes to a new experience.

The GLEE (Gays, Lesbians and Everybody Else) Organization sponsored the trip.

"The whole idea for Glee was to get people from Forest that had never been there before to see the culture, the diversity issues, and all of the resources that are out there," said GLEE's chair Taylor Thatcher.

While Springfield's Pride may not be as big as some of the larger city events, those who attended said it actually made things more comfortable.

"Because it was so small, there were not so many people that you get overwhelmed. You could easily go up and talk to groups like PROMO and PFLAG," said Jessica Wood who attended the event for the first time.

Traditionally the event was held on Commercial Street near downtown Springfield, but this year is moved locations to the outskirts of town.

"I was a little upset to see they moved Pride from downtown to just outside town, but at the same time I think it provided a nice environment because everyone there wanted to be there," said Amber Marcucci

And that opened up the day for a lot of learning and open-minds.

"It was a good chance for networking. It was a good chance to see organizations that deal with LGBT issues," said Thatcher.

GLEE members say they were most impressed withe the group PROMO which is working on anti-discrimination legislation at the state capitol that would make LGBT discrimination in the workplace illegal.

GLEE members say they were able to bring back a lot of useful information from the event, and believe the resources and contacts made will be very beneficial as they begin work in their practice fields.

The group's next meeting will be in July and you can learn more about GLEE by going to their official page.