Forest to present at 2010 MOAMFT Conference

Faculty, students and alumni from The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute will be presenting breakout sessions and posters at the 2010 Missouri Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference on April 17th in Kansas City, Missouri. The topics being presented follow:
Traumatic Brain Injury: Assessing, Maintaining and Rebuilding Couple Intimacy
This workshop will address intimacy issues faced by couples affected by traumatic brain injury. Participants will learn the cognitive, behavioral, physical, social, and psychological components of traumatic brain injury as they affect couple intimacy. Assessment and treatment techniques for therapists treating couples affected by traumatic brain injury will be delineated.
Presented by: Kristy Krueger, BA; Stephanie Messer, BA; Tiffany Ragan, B.A.
Assessing Couple Intimacy Using the Consensus Rorschach & Intimacy Status Interview
This workshop will revive and renew the assessment of intimacy within couple relationships. Utilizing the Consensus Rorschach (CR) and Intimacy Status Interview (ISI) will demonstrate a novel approach to assessing intimacy. The CR allows the therapist to observe intimate behavior, while the ISI reveals the couples' experience of intimacy.
Presented by: Kristy Krueger, BA; Kristina Brown, Ph.D.
Interventions in Couples Therapy: Relationship, Communication, and Sexual Challenges
Couples often present in therapy with relationship, communication, and sexual challenges. This workshop provides examples, instructive video, discussion, handouts, and interventions for couples therapy based on systemic sex therapy. The Bridge Model, designed by the presenters, will be utilized to show how the client can gain greater self/couple/and sexual awareness.
Presented by: Libby Bennett, PsyD; Ginger Holczer, PsyD
The Effects of Incarceration on Intimate Relationships
The effects of incarceration on an individual are often great and longlasting. Incarceration of a partner drastically affects intimate relationships. Relationship quality suffers due to jealous feelings, limited privileges, and visitation restrictions. Incarceration also affects family dynamics and the ability to engage in child-rearing activities due to diminished intimacy.
Presented by: Shawna Baron, MA; Julie Gouy, BA;Taylor Olson, BA; Jamie Bell, MS
Additionally these posters will be presented by Forest students:
Relationship Satisfaction Between Same‐Sex Partners: The Role of Marriage Equality
Presented by: Erica McQuiddy

Childhood Sexual Abuse and the Effects it has on Relationship Intimacy as an Adult
Presented by: Bryce T. Gray

Separation by Geographical Distance: Impact on Couple Relationships
Presented by: Kelly Finch

The Impact of Experiencing Fertility Problems on Couples
Presented by: Christian Michau

The Experience of Loneliness in the Marital Relationship
Presented by: Alexis Faller

Hispanic Intimate Partner Violence: A Review of Literature
Presented by: Gaston Rougeaux-Burnes

Family Resiliency and Chronic Illness: A Literature Review
Presented by: Cassandra Neuhaus
Caring For Those Who Care For Others: Health Consequences Of Familial Caregiving
Presented by: Stacy Ogbeide, Phillip Hawley, Collin Davies, Kendra Price

The Effects Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea On Interpersonal Relationships: A Review Of Literature
Presented by: Stacy Ogbeide, Barbara Farrell, Stephanie Messer, Gaston Rougeaux-Burnes

Fibromyalgia: Men Have It, Too!
Presented by: Devin Poe

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