Students and faculty published in peer-reviewed journal.

Marguerite Langille-Hoppe, Monique Maxey, Dr. Judith Gonzalez, and Stephanie Terrell will have their work published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research. The focus of this research project is on the emic and etic perceptions of poverty within the Ozarks.
The upcoming publication will provide a description, analysis, and discussion of the various ways in which people in the Ozarks understand and define poverty. Specifically, our research focused on the ways in which individuals who are considered to be living below the federally defined poverty level define poverty and the ways in which service providers conceptualize those with whom they work. This research is important for mental health professionals as we often incorporate assumptions and counter-productive bias when providing services for those who experience economic challenges. Additionally, this research includes recommendations regarding ways local organizations can improve program recruitment and participation.
Congratulations to our Forest community members for a job well done!