Dr. Kristina Brown Publishes Tip Sheet for NHMRC

Dr. Kristina Brown's work is being featured again by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center.

Brown contributed her fourth tip sheet to the organization.  This time she is focusing on "Helping Couples with Medically Fragile Children:  Tips for MRE Practitioners."

The tip sheet talks about the strain created on a marriage after a child is diagnosed with a medical condition.

Among things she describes as important for a MRE practitioner is helping couples open up the lines of communication between themselves, their child, and the child's provider.

Also on the list of tips is support for one another.

"The child’s illness becomes a shared experience for the couple—one in which they can be partners and support each other," said Brown.

There's also the idea of having fun, even though it's not always something that seems like it should be an option considering the circumstances.

Brown notes that a healthy couple relationship is one of the best forms of support for children with medical conditions.

To see the complete tip sheet visit the NHMRC website.