Committee of Neuropsychology Featured by APA

Over the next four months people will get a chance to learn a little more about what neuropsychology students are up to at Forest Institute.

Forest's student organization, the Committee of Neuropsychology, will be featured by the APA Division 40:  Association of Neuropsychology Students in Training (ANST).

The organization features different neuropsychology student groups from around the country and gives students a chance to come together to discuss training and professional issues.

"I am excited to see our group featured on the ANST Division 40 website because it is a great opportunity to highlight the activities and future goals of CNS," said President Summer Rolin.  "Forest students are actively involved in obtaining training and conducting research in the field of neuropsychology, and the chapter highlight gives us a chance to be recognized by other programs."

The mention on ANST's website includes all of the things Forest students have been involved with over the last year, including presentations on pediatric brain injury, sports concussions, and blast wave trauma in soldiers, just to name a few.

"Involvement with Division 40 gives us a chance to learn about issues that affect our professional and research development as well as giving us the opportunity to network with other programs and be aware of what else is being done in the field," said Secretary Christine Biddle.  "It is exciting to see how neuropsychology impacts so many areas of the field of psychology."

Rachel Fazio serves as Forest's ANST representative and is pictured next to the Committee of Neuropsychology Students President Summer Rolin to the right.

See Forest's CNS group featured on the APA Division 40 ANST website.