Forensic Psychology

This concentration prepares mental health professionals to provide specialized treatment to people in the legal system and to consult with legislators and members of law enforcement. Students learn to provide research, consultation, psychological evaluation and expert testimony on issues such as trial competency, waiver of Miranda rights, criminal responsibility, death penalty mitigation and sexual offenses.

Students are encouraged to take forensic courses in the sequence of the sequential and cumulative nature of the curriculum. Related practicum training occurs in local correctional facilities.

The Forensic Psychology concentration comprises the following courses plus practicum at approved forensic/correctional sites:

• Crime and Personality

• Forensic Case Law & Assessment

• Mental Health & Corrections

• Advanced Forensic Case Law

• Practicum in Forensic/Correctional Psychology

• Doctoral Project in Forensic Psychology Related Area

• Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment

• Violence Risk Assessment