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The PsyD program at Forest Institute reflects the commitment of administration and faculty to developing competent entry-level practitioner-scholars and their belief that, to become highly effective clinical psychologists, students must first acquire a strong foundation in the core areas of psychological science. Consequently, the PsyD program is based on a generalist educational philosophy, which presumes that competency as a generalist is a prerequisite for entry-level evidence-based practice and the future development of expertise as a specialist.

Program Requirements

The Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology at Forest Institute is a license-eligible degree program that emphasizes clinical training. The program requires completion of 109 credit hours of basic core courses in the psychological sciences and 17 elective credit hours. Additional competency measures include completion of practicum experiences, a doctoral project, comprehensive examinations, an internship, and one year in full-time residency. All program requirements, including internship, must be completed with seven years of first matriculation into the program.