Doctoral Project Credits

Doctoral Project credits are used to structure tasks associated with the Doctoral Project. Regardless of the type of project, Doctoral Project credits are organized by the stages of research: (1) initial component of the project’s purpose, literature review and problem statement, (2) an acceptable research design and methodology and (3) culminating with data collection, analysis, results and discussion.

Once begun, PsyD students must maintain continuous enrollment in Doctoral Project credit hours until they have completed and successfully defended their Doctoral Project, including while enrolled in a pre-Doctoral internship.

Doctoral Project Credit I is concerned with the initial components of the investigation including(a) Introduction and (b) Review of the Literature in the context of the study problem. Doctoral Project Credit II is concerned with (a) Research Design and Methodology and (b) the formal Doctoral Project proposal with the committee. In addition to the evaluation of the written document, the formal proposal meeting requires the student to engage in a defense of the proposal, appropriately articulating the type of Doctoral Project, design, analyses, and anticipated findings. Beginning with Doctoral Project Credit III, the student and committee will file a detailed outline with the Dean for anticipated completion of the project.

Doctoral Project Credit III and subsequent credit hours are concerned with finalizing their analysis, preparing for and successfully defending their doctoral project. The Chair evaluates the quality of the methodology, data analysis written and graphical communication, and completeness of the analysis in light of the research question. In addition, the Chair evaluates the quality of the conclusions drawn from the evidence, articulated limitations of the conclusions, feasibility and logical character of the implications, and the implications for practice.