Forensic Committee of Student Psychologists (FCSP)

The Forensic Committee of Student Psychologists is an organization designed to enhance an individual's knowledge in forensic psychology by raising knowledge in current case law, research, and testing instruments typically used in a forensic setting.

Furthermore, this committee is dedicated to encouraging students to engage in research studies to present at national conferences. We provide an atmosphere that brings students together with similar research interests and provide guidance/assistance as they further themselves in this program.

This organization is also a great resource of information in regards to current practicum sites in the area, i.e., (Greene County Jail, United States Federal Medical Center with Dr. Pietz, Dr. Engel, or Dr. Denney, Bureau of Prisons in Greenville, IL, and Dr. Franks evaluation rotation at the Robert J. Murney Clinic). Lastly, group members frequently apply to the same internship sites or similar sites each year. Therefore, this group provides information related to current internship sites and gives advice as students prepare to go on internship.

Officer Names

Faculty Sponsor – Christina Pietz, PhD

President: Maranda Upton

Vice President: Tabitha Carwile

Secretary: Breanna Bussel

Treasurer: Kelsey Thomas